Hi! My name is Noah, and I'm a UX Designer working in Chicago.

Outside of design, my main hobby is macrophotography – click that link, it's cooler than it sounds!

Some of the biggest influences in my design life have been the instruction in the Vignelli Canon and Steve Jobs' philosophy on technology as a Bicycle of the Mind.


My resume and LinkedIn outline all my professional experience well, but to put things a little more simply:

I earned an Associate's in Graphic Design in 2017, and finished my BA in Interaction Design at Columbia Chicago in 2019.

I've interned and worked as a UX Designer and Researcher at some awesome companies like Groupon, Uptake, Fuzzy Math, and Interactions.

Current / Future Work

I'm currently working as a VUI designer at Interactions, learning about how conversations work and how to model them. I'm happy I get to help design a product that is solving one of the horrible parts of life: getting stuck in a terrible phone support line!

I also plan to complete a graduate degree in HCI, Human Factors, or Psychology in the next ~5 years.

Eventually, I think I'd like to teach somewhere in higher ed later in my life.


Feel free to get in touch! I'm always happy to talk, whether that's about a work opportunity, a project I've done, or even if you're just wondering how one of my photos was taken. 

Phone: 630.538.2264